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How to start selling with Herbkart


Registration with Herbkart

  • A business must obtain a regular tax payer GST number.
  • Email us at seller@herbkart.com for listing your products on Herbkart.com.
  • We would inform, if there is any other document required to bring your brand onboard.
  • Herbkart will prepare catalogue for your brand according to the product details provided.
  • Sell under your own private label.
  • Use your own brand packaging. No special packaging required for dispatching Herbkart orders.


  • For any queries seller can contact us at seller@herbkart.com

Orders and Pickup

  • Orders can be managed via our seller panel.
  • Sellers can also opt for Herbkart shipment support


  • Receive quick and hassle-free payments into your account under the Herbkart Seller Payment plan.

Faqs - Seller

Does Herbkart takes any charges for listing products?

No, Herbkart doesn’t take any charges for listing sellers. 

What type of GST registration required for business dealings with Herbkart?

Sellers need to have a regular tax payer GST registration.

Does Herbkart delist products?

Yes, brands and products do get delisted if necessary and Govt. mandated licenses of seller gets expired. Unless licenses are renewed products wont be listed on Herbkart.

Does Herbkart Delist product if there is no demand for product in market?

Absolutely No. Herbkart is a community and you are integral part of it. We will not delist any product unless you want us to.

How do we get order information?

A seller panel would be provided to seller for managing there products and order.

Can we conduct sale on our product anytime?

Yes, you are the owner of your products. If you want to organize a sale “Do It”. Our team is here to help you in the process.

For any queries

Email us at seller@herbkart.com

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