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Kachanar (Mountain Ebony) is known to regulate thyroid due to its Tridosha balancing properties. Kachanar leaves help manage diabetes by reducing blood sugar level and improving lipid profile as it is high in antioxidants. It also improves metabolism and helps in weight management. When infused and distilled with Desi cow Gomutra, a natural Bio-enhancer, the bio-availability of the herb increases substantially.

Other Names

Mandare, Kachanar, Indian Orchid Tree

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Distilled Herbal Gomutra Ark Gomutra or cow urine has a long history of therapeutic use in India. The practice has been observed for more than 5000 years according to Ayurveda. Enriched with 24 minerals and 18 micronutrients, Gomutra is great for eliminating toxins and reinforcing a balance between the Doshas. Gomutra, collected from healthy Desi Mother Cows, is distilled to remove the impurities and odour. The result of the distillation process gives us the 'Arka'. The Ayurvedic texts of Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita, written around 800 BC, describe cow urine or Gomutra as a therapeutic substance with multiple uses. The described qualities of Gomutra include laghu (light), ushna (hot) and teekshna (piercing). Owing to its hot and piercing nature, it reaches up to the deep tissues of the body.


It improves the digestive fire (Agni) which regulates the metabolism, ensures proper bowel movement and helps reduce the severity of haemorrhoids (Piles) Its Tridoshic in nature (balances the three doshas By balancing the metabolism and Tridoshas, it helps to control Hypothyroidism It eases heavy menstrual bleeding or Menorrhagia as it has Sita (Cold) and astringent properties. It has anti-cancer properties that help to delay the growth of cancer cells, it shrinks the cells and makes them undergo apoptosis.

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Supports in the management of hypothyroidism, haemorrhoids & blood cancer

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Orrina - Kachanar Ark

649.00 Incl. of all Taxes

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