Orrina – Hormone Balance A2 Milk Blend

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ORRINA?s Hormone Balance is an A2 Milk Blend with the nutritious amalgamation of Super herbs, Dry Fruits, Nuts, Cereals and aromatic Indian spices. Ingredient combinations are selectively formulated as per Ayurveda to regulate hormone balance and provides required nutrition necessary for women of all ages. Note : Ingredients are Glueten Free

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Beetroot, Foxtail Millet, Pearl Millet, Spirulina, Shatavari, Nettle, Dates, Banana Flower, Cardamom, Cucumber Seeds& A2 milk Protein.


? Shatavari a female-fertility herb is highly effective in keeping the hormonal balance, it provides relief from mood swings, depression, insomnia, hot flashes, sweating etc. during the menstrual cycle ? It regulates blood sugar levels and raises the haemoglobin count ? Banana Flower is packed with essential minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium and iron, vital for several bodily functions ? Foxtail Millet and Pearl Millet are excellent sources of natural iron essential for brain oxygenation ? Spirulina and Green Gram are loaded with Proteins and other necessary nutrients ? Nettle leaf and cucumber Seeds are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Usage Instruction

? Add a tablespoon of ORRINA?s Hormone Balance A2 Milk Blend to 100ml of lukewarm water ? Shake and stir till there are no harsh clumps ? Add jaggery or any natural sweetener of choice (optional) ? Relish during breakfast, brunch or as per convenience

Product Speciality

Why A2 Milk Mix? A2 Milk is a highly nutritious milk variant, produced by Desi Cows. The proteins in Cow milk can be categorized as A1 and A2, they differ by one single amino acid. Yet, this difference changes the way the milk is digested by the human body. A2 Milk is loaded with 9 Essentials, Vitamins, and minerals making it the perfect base for our health blends

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Orrina - Hormone Balance A2 Milk Blend

899.00 Incl. of all Taxes

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