Orrina – Hand Churned Vedic Ghee (500ml)

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The process involved in the preparation of Hand Churned Vedic Ghee is extensive. Satvik A2 milk obtained from native Indian cows, which graze on multiple herbs, is collected and made into curd and churned bi-directionally at a constant speed. An Indian Super Food, this A2 ghee which is a natural source of DHA, is a magic potion that has the essential nutrients to provide everlasting effects on the physiology and psychology.

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Orrina Ments & Provisions Private Limited

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A2 Desi Cow Milk


? Our Hand Churned Vedic Ghee aids in proper digestion ? It removes harmful toxins from the body and helps avoid constipation ? Being abundant in anti-oxidants and vitamins such as A, E, and N, it helps provide the body with necessary nutrients ? Consuming this ghee is like having a spoonful of health. It adds moisture to your skin and provides a natural glow

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? Take one spoon on an empty stomach every morning as a supplement. Can also be consumed with warm water or milk and drink it like a tea Note: Lactose intolerant people can also consume this Ghee

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Orrina - Hand Churned Vedic Ghee (500ml)

1,579.00 Incl. of all Taxes

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