Orrina – Dunera Aam Pappad Raja Amirtha Ghee

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ORRINA?s Raja Amirtha Ghee is a Royal Superfood that combines Dry Fruit, Edible Flowers and Seeds with Vedic Spiced A2 Desi Cow Ghee.

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Orrina Ments & Provisions Private Limited

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1. Dunera Aam Pappad -Ample amount of nutrient-dense calories for -Instrumental in building resistance against viral fevers and bacterial infections -It is also rich in health-preserving acids which help regulate liver functioning 2. Rose Petals -Rose petals provide a cooling relief to stomach discomforts -It aids in digestion – It is an antioxidant tonic that makes the skin glow 3. Flax Seeds -Flax seeds are high in omega-3 fats that have multiple health benefits -Rich source of lignans, which may reduce the risk factors of developing cancer -Dietary fibre that promotes digestion -Helps in regulating blood pressure 4. Vedic Spiced Ghee ?Mustard: soothes the stomach, helps with gas, regulates appetite. ? Coriander: Helps with nutrient absorption and gas, a natural detoxifier ? Turmeric: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ? Fennel: soothes the digestive system, helps with gas and relieves indigestion. ? Mustard Seed: Helps with gas, analgesic. ? Cinnamon: Regulates blood sugar and detoxifies the body. It is known to reduce arthritic pain. ? Cardamom: A natural sweetener that promotes digestion and heart health ? Anise: It is known to boost the immune system and fights against the viral infections ?Bay Leaf: Rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It also helps in boosting immunity.

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? Instant energy ? Improved digestion ? Immunity booster

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Orrina - Dunera Aam Pappad Raja Amirtha Ghee

1,349.00 Incl. of all Taxes

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