Orrina – Citrus Scalp Detox

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Our Citrus Scalp Detox is post hair wash rinse, which is a powerful formulation made with bio-enzymes and hair-friendly herbs. We follow the age-old Ayurveda recipes for preparing this rinse. The citrus present in diluted form is loaded with Vitamins C, potassium, and vital antioxidants. These essential nutrients promote blood circulation and fight against dirt and oil build-up in the scalp. The other herbal ingredients such as Rose and Albizia Amara (Arapu) promote overall scalp health and conditions the hair as well.

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Orange Enzymes, Pure Rose Water and Albizia Amara (Arappu)


Scalp damage is a common phenomenon in today's day and age, thanks to pollution and hard water. The scalp's normal pH leans towards the acidic side. Therefore, it requires an acid rinse to maintain the optimal pH after every hair wash. Our Citrus Scalp Detox balances the pH, closes the cuticles, arrests hair fall and protects it from environmental damage.

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? Apply the Citrus Scalp Detox on your scalp and hair after hair wash ? Rinse thoroughly

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Orrina - Citrus Scalp Detox

525.00 Incl. of all Taxes

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