Greenberry Organics Organic Castor Oil – 120 ML

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Natures best-kept beauty secret. I am not a popular solution for hair fall but you didn’t know that I am your skin’s best friend too! Proudly India, 100% Pure & Natural. I can restore your skin’s moisture balance by nourishing it from deep within. Being full of essential fatty acids, my daily dose of goodness to your hair can sheen and volume to your tresses.

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A.G. INDUSTRIES ( Sec-83, Noida- 201305 )


120 ml


Organic Castor Oil* (*USDA Certified Organic)


? NATURAL CASTOR OIL – One oil for all skin worries, ensures moisturisation, smoothens the skin, controls acne ? HAIR & FACE & BODY – One oil for the entire body, natural benefits derived out of this castor oil ensure that it can used on the entire body ? EYE BROW & HAIR GROWTH – Castor Oil is proven to give thick and bushy eye brows while it also helps in tackling hair fall as well ? CUTICLE CONTROL – Say goodbye to dryness and ensure healthy looking supple cuticles and skin ? GOODNESS OF GREENBERRY: Made with only the best ECOCERT & USDA ingredients only. Doesn't contain 14 other chemicals. Safe for everyone's skin and includes a blend of moisturization and sun protection. This is an organic and natural Oil.

Usage Instructions

Use me on your body, face or hair as you may like. I am that perfect one-stop solution for all your moisturisation needs. You may dilute or mix me with other carrier oils like coconut, almond or jojoba too. Apply me gently pre or post-shower for that all day long moisturisation. Apply me to your nails, cuticles, eyebrows, face, body or hair.


Colourless to pale yellow


Store in cool dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Not to be used internally. If contact with eyes, rinse with cool water immediately.

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Greenberry Organics Organic Castor Oil - 120 ML

500.00 Incl. of all Taxes

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