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    Varietal kinds of honey, like our Jamun honey, are unique premium quality honey because the honey bees have gathered nectar from one variety of flowersJamun. It is a single origin, unifloral honey.
    It is sure to leave an ethereal impression with its raw flavor. These flavors are often lost due to processing in most commercial honey. But to experience these nuanced flavors as it washes your taste buds is exquisite. It is sweeter than sugar no doubt but can be taken by people with diabetes and PCOD. We have protected and kept safe all the nutritional benefits of this raw honey. It is organic, natural, unprocessed, unheated, unadulterated, and exactly how it is in the honeycombs. From the flowers of North India and Central India, Jamun honey has many health benefits.
    Blessed with enzymes that help maintain blood sugar levels, Jamun honey is a boon for those careful about spiking levels. Jamun honey is like no other and you can truly appreciate its flavor with savory food and salads. Enjoy its mature flavor and smooth thick texture. A spoonful of honey every day is recommended.

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    500 gm

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    Product Benefits

    Rich in antioxidants: Jamun honey is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Its high antioxidant content makes it a boon for people with skin conditions such as blemishes, wrinkles, and pimples. Helps manage diabetes: Jamun honey can be an excellent alternative sweetener for people with diabetes. With more sweetness packed in a punch of a small teaspoon, youd require just a small amount to add sweetness. With a low glycemic level, it does not increase blood sugar level, rather it helps manage symptoms of diabetes. To put some science in, Jamun honey is an ideal fuel as it controls blood sugar spikes with 1:1 of fructose and glucose. This chemistry helps in optimal glucose metabolism especially during exercise when energy is required as well as sleep when we go through long periods without refueling. This fructose helps in catalyzing the conversion of glucose into glycogen which is then stored in the liver and muscle cell. This helps in maintaining blood sugar and glycogen levels. Manage Heart health and Blood pressure: Jamun honey is also known to treat high blood pressure and inhibit ulcer. Blood- Purifier: Jamun honey is also called a natural blood purifier. Other Benefits: Its anti-inflammatory effects soothe sore throat, cold, skin inflammations as well as digestive disorders. It has an overall calming and relaxing sedative-like effect on the mind as well.

    Storage Instructions

    Do Not Refrigerate, Store At Cool, Dry, Dark Place.

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