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NO DRYING OUT OR IRRITATION FROM HARSH SOAP – Keep it smooth and fresh down there with moisturizing male genital wash. GENT cleaner for mens hygiene gives a good lather with foaming for moisturizing yet clean wash.
STAY ODOR-FREE, ITCH-FREE – Practice good hygiene and prevent smegma buildup which can cause inflammation and smelling. Wash your penis and groin area with this gentle penis cleaner once a day. Men who still have their foreskin should gently clean underneath it.
COOLING & REFRESHING SENSATION – For best penis health, keep your genital area cool and dry. Enjoy the fresh and cooling feeling with this intimate wash after working out, sweating, using condom or lubricants.
NATURAL AND QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Made without Sulfates, Parabens and other synthetic preservatives that can cause irritation and dryness, Knightsman intimate wash uses quality plant extracts for best results.
DIRECTIONS – Apply the foaming men genital wash to external areas including penis and scrotum and wherever sweat can collect. Gently massage to cleanse and rinse with water. Can be used daily during shower or bath.

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Intimate Wash, 120 ml